Diamond K Applicators

Superior Soil Supplements, LLC is a proud distributor of Diamond K products and their revolutionary patented Applicators. The applicator’s technology has been a breakthrough in soil and water application technology. The Diamond K Applicators are easy to use and maintenance free, eliminating expensive solution grade equipment. With their patented universal design, these applicators work with all irrigation systems.

With only one moving part, Diamond K’s applicators are virtually maintenance-free. Using water pressure alone, our applicator needs no agitation. The patented wobbler is a rotary action sprinkling device used to generate a slight vibration to disperse water upon the dry product.

Easy to read metering gauge permits accurate injection of fertigation into irrigation water. Application is constant throughout the irrigated areas, with no fluctuation in concentration. Soil and water analysis determines the required application rate for maximum crop benefit.

Designed specifically for turning Diamond K quality fertilizer products into solution. Works seamlessly with Diamond K Premium 97 Gypsum, Ultra Fines Sulfate of Potash, KMS, and other products.

Our revolutionary applicator is available in several sizes: 1200 lb./175 gallons; 2000 lb./325 gallons; and 3000 lb./475 gallons or 4000 lb./525 gallons. See model size and specifications below.

At less than half the cost of other solution applicators on the market, our patented applicator makes fertigation a breeze.

325, 175, 525 Gallon Applicators
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Applicator Specifications

All Diamond K Applicators can be loaded with the following methods:

  • Hand loading using 50 Lbs. bags
  • Bulk silo with metered or manual auger
  • Tote bags via forklift
  • Tender Cart
Specification 175 Gallon 325 Gallon 525 Gallon
Dry Product Capacity
1200 Lbs.
2000 Lbs.
4000 Lbs.
42" Diameter X 49" Height
(53" H with Pallet)
60” Diameter x 51” Height
(55” H with Pallet)
60” Diameter x 75” Height
(80” H with Pallet)
Applicator fits on a 40" X 48" pallet & will not overhang the pallet
Applicator fits on a 48" X 48" pallet & will not overhang the pallet with 2.5" overhang
Applicator fits on a 48" X 48" pallet & with 2.5" overhang
10" Clearance
42" Stand Width
18" Clearance
47" Stand Width
18" Clearance
47" Stand Width
180 Lbs.
320 Lbs.
330 Lbs.
380 Lbs.
380 Lbs.
380 Lbs.