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We have high-grade gypsum from Nevada in stock in 4 locations for immediate delivery!


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Help to ensure that those valuable young plantings will thrive with our Mycorrhizae Paks and Fertilizer Paks!

Mycorrhizae are beneficial soil fungi that colonize the roots of trees and vines, and assist in nutrient and water access and uptake. Our Fertilizer Paks are available with organic or conventional polymer-coated slow release fertilizer, and are calibrated specifically for your orchard
or vineyard. Choose from formulations for Fruit and Nut Trees 19-7-11, Vines
and Berries 17-5-8 or Organic 4-2-2.



Superior Soil Supplements is California’s largest distributor of bulk agricultural soil amendments and landscape materials. With facilities in Ivanhoe, El Nido, McFarland, Hanford and Coalinga, we have a substantial commitment to California’s agricultural and landscape industries.


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