Superior Soil Supplements, LLC located in Hanford California is the largest  distributor of bulk agricultural soil amendments and landscape materials. With facilities in Hanford, Famoso, Ivanhoe, Mendota, Wasco we have a substantial commitment to California’s agricultural and landscape industries.  Having our own rail spur and two truck tippers ensures that we have the ability to inventory materials in large quantities to immediately meet the requirements of any job or project.

Whether it’s high-purity gypsum from Nevada, or premium forest products from Washington, Oregon, and California you can be assured of receiving quality products and timely delivery at honest prices. We help our customers get the soil amendments they need for successful crop yield. With custom blends tailored specifically to your soil needs, we can help balance your soil’s pH deficiencies by providing the necessary soil amendments and supplements. 

Don’t know what you need? That’s okay, we can take soil and water samples from your field to analyze and determine any deficiencies. We have partnered with Brookside Labs Inc., the oldest established agricultural lab and consultant association in North America. The staff at Brookside share our belief in the importance of soil health. With quick turnaround times, we can determine any missing or excess nutrients to help get you on your way to a successful growing and harvest season.

Eliminate the guessing work out of the equation and let science take lead and save you money.  From bulk products, custom blends, soil/water testing, and deliveries, Superior Soil Supplements is your one stop choice for all your soil needs.


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