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At Superior Soil Supplements, we provide agricultural soil amendments to meet any soil or crop requirement. Some of the most commonly requested soil amendments are as follows:


GYPSUM ~ is an important amendment in any soil fertility program.  More properly called Calcium Sulfate, this naturally-occurring mineral adds supplemental calcium, which is vital to both plant nutrition and to the tilth of the soil.  Gypsum also helps to improve water penetration into the soil, and helps to move excess salts, such as sodium, magnesium and chlorides down below the root zone.  Superior Soil Supplements can provide you with all grades of gypsum, for both Organic and Conventional farming, in both broadcast and solution grades.


LIME ~ (calcium carbonate) and DOLOMITE (magnesium carbonate) may be required for soils with low pH and/or low magnesium levels, and are available for both Organic and Conventional farming, and in broadcast and solution grades.


SULFUR ~ is an important amendment for acidifying problem soil.  Soils with high pH essentially “lock up” nutrients in forms that are unavailable to plants.  Lowering the pH to 6.5 to 7.5 increases nutrient availability and created a more hospitable growing environment for most plants.  In addition to conventional soil sulfur, Superior Soil Supplements offers Organic fast-acting Super Sulfur Plus, which is mined from naturally-occurring deposits.  This mined product contains elemental Sulfur,as well as thiosulfate and sulfate forms, as well as potassium and micronutrients, and is available in solution grade!


COMPOST ~ is important to agricultural land, providing organic matter for improved water and nutrient retention.  Superior Soil Supplements has composted dairy manure, composted grape pomace, and OMRI certified greenwaste compost.  To save you time and money, we offer custom blends of compost, soil amendments and fertilizer to meet your specifications.  We also offer liquid Dynamic Humic Acid and dry Terra C Humate products for an extra boost of organic matter.


POTASH ~ we offer potash (potassium) in both sulfate of potash and muriate of potash formulations, as well as solution grade and organic potash.


Wherever your farm is located, Superior Soil Supplements will provide quick delivery, and we can arrange for spreading services at your request.


Are you an ORGANIC FARMER? CLICK HERE For our Organic Certified Amendments and Fertilizers.




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