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Superior Soil Supplements specializes in soil amendments and fertilizers for Organic farming.


We offer the following OMRI and California Organic Program certified soil amendments:


Organic Gypsum
Organic Lime
Organic Dolomite
Organic Sulfur
Organic Compost
Organic Sulfate of Potash


We are especially proud to offer our own specialized line of liquid Organic fish fertilizers called O-M-G - Organic Materials for Growers.  This line of premium liquid organic products is designed to naturally improve soil fertility, and enhance crop quality and yields.


Although these products are OMRI Listed, NOP Compliant, and approved by the CDFA California Organic Program, these products offer unique benefits to both organic and conventional farming operations.


Derived from fish solids and sea bird guano, these products offer highly soluble nutrients which are available in forms that can immediately be taken in by plants.


Non-organic fertilizers contain high amounts of nitrogen, but a significant portion of it may be in forms that must be converted by soil microbes into forms that are able to be absorbed by plants, and it can be difficult to control the rate of uptake.


O-M-G liquid organic fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in soluble forms available for immediate, controlled uptake, either by soil application or foliar spray.


The naturally-occurring fatty acids in O-M-G organic fertilizers will stimulate the microscopic beneficial organisms that exist in the soil. These microorganisms help to create healthy soil, and help to increase nutrient availability to plants.


O-M-G liquid organic fertilizers are filtered to flow through 200 mesh screen, ensuring trouble-free application by ground spray equipment or through drip tape, micro sprinklers or pipeline.


 O-M-G® Soil  5-1-2* is made from 100% fish solubles, with more natural Potassium value than other liquid fish products on the market.  


O-M-G® Nature’s Balance 4-3-4*

This premium fertilizer is made from fish solubles, and O-M-G® Nature’s Balance has added Phosphorous from seabird guano and  Potassium from food grade potassium sulfate. 


Phytamin® Clear4-0.5-1 The only 100% soluble organic nitrate fertilizer available!


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